La Maison Xavier Gélineau

French designer and manufacturer of furniture and decorative objects

Luxury in the measure of your dreams

L'atelier de la Maison Gélineau

Cabinetmaker from father to son since 1922

Xavier Gélineau perpetuates the family business founded by his grandfather. Heir to the tradition and excellence of the French cabinet, the House Gélineau is rooted in modernity with a temperament Art Deco: passion for design and innovation, fine materials and manufacturing, exclusive research beauty, comfort and purifies.

To meet the needs of its business customers and individuals Gélineau Xavier meets his workshop all crafts furnishings and decor: cabinet polishers, upholsterers … Most have been trained within the company, sharing the values of companionship, listening to the customer and discretion. Each of these craftsmen to live, and transmit knowledge become scarce.